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Предмет: Английский
Тип работы: Эссе
Язык: Русский
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  • Данный тип работы не является научным трудом, не является готовой работой!
  • Данный тип работы представляет собой готовый результат обработки, структурирования и форматирования собранной информации, предназначенной для использования в качестве источника материала для самостоятельной подготовки учебной работы.

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Эссе на английском

пример 1

Family is a fundamental component of every country. The happiness of the people depends on the happiness of each family. Many factors make families happy, and children are among them. But how many children need a family to be completely happy?

In my opinion, parents should have three children. I believe that is the optimal number of children. First, in this case, the parents contribute to the population growth of the country. Population depression is actually the case in many countries. Second, children who grow up alone are less sociable and selfish. Third, children from large families have a chance to succeed in life, as brothers and sisters are willing to help.

There is no doubt that large families have disadvantages.

In the first place, it is worth saying that large families are noisy. Finding peace and silence is quite difficult. In this regard, small families benefit. In addition, the more children, the more conflicts will occur. Your child may have very different interests. For example, some people want to read a book, while others turn on a television at the same time. But, perhaps, loneliness is much worse than a conflict of interest. Important moments can be avoided if parents learn how to get along with their children.

To sum up, it goes without saying that large families are good. But you have to see things in a sober light. It would be wise to assess the suitability of having a child first. With enough time, patience, wisdom, and money, do not hesitate to have children.

пример 2

However, in my opinion, not everyone who has learned a foreign language can work as an interpreter. First, the interpreter needs to be not only a language expert, but also have a good knowledge of other aspects of life. His work is not limited to one subject.

The interpreter's job is unpredictable. For example, they work at a motor show one day and participate in a socio-political forum the other day. Interpreters need to understand all of the general outlines and direct a large vocabulary. Second, in addition to intellectual facilities, the spirit of the interpreter needs to be very stable. Often, interpreters work in hospitals.

Here they see blood, pain and suffering.

If they can't stand it all, they will hardly do their job well. Also, in the case of simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter's spirit must be very flexible. Interpreters need to control several simultaneous processes, such as listening, understanding, and entering information into the target language. This type of work requires a great deal of skill for the interpreter. Third, in order to work under a lot of stress, I think the interpreter should be physically strong.

For example, they have to withstand foreign climates in both tropical and northern countries.

However, some people think that speaking a foreign language is enough for the job of an interpreter. They think language is the hardest part to master. But I do not share their point of view. If done properly, learning a foreign language is easy. However, it is not certain that the interpreters have the specific skills needed.

In summary, if you want to be an interpreter, it is recommended that you focus on learning a foreign language and becoming a comprehensively developed person.